Thursday, June 5, 2008

Delayed Update

Hello all! Sorry for the absence once again. I'm happy to report that my Lupron and Follistim injections have been going well. I had a few days of painful injections and some bleeding but I don't know why because the rest have been just fine. I still can't do them myself, and my DH has been fantastic about doing them every night.
I have been going for my daily monitoring for the last week now. I'm up at 5:30am every morning to be there bright and early for bloodwork and ultrasounds. My arms, or pin cushions as I like to call them, are all bruised up. It's hard to cover them on the days when it is really hot but so far I have been getting away with a light sweater. They really look crappy.
My doctor told me today that it looks like a Sunday retrieval. Which means I would do my trigger shot tomorrow night. It's crazy how fast it all is happening. When this whole process started I felt like it would take forever. I didn't even think I could do the shots, but I'm a pro. At least with the little needles. I have been staring at my trigger shot needle and it looks huge. I hope it doesn't hurt...
I am so nervously excited!!!


Joannah said...

I've had the HCG trigger shot before, and it was no problem. Good luck with everything! I hope you have wonderful news to share soon.


sara said...

Just wanted to say congrats for making it so close to retrieval, that's quite an accomplishment in itself! I wish you the best of luck this weekend and can't wait for an update.